Xbox One/PS4 Controller Support Coming To iPhone, Apple TV


Apple wrapped up its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) today with a bevy of announcements for both its hardware and software. Kicking the conference off was an unexpected surprise: PS4 and Xbox One controller support is headed to both iPhone (via iOS 13) and the Apple TV.

According to Apple’s official iOS 13 features preview, the upcoming software update–slated to launch this fall–will allow PS4 and Xbox One controllers to work on iPhones via Bluetooth compatibility. With Apple’s tvOS update–also slated to launch this fall–both controllers will work on the Apple TV as well. As a CNET report states, Apple hasn’t confirmed whether all controller features–such as rumble vibration and headphone functionality–will work once both products receive their respective updates.

The news comes not long after the California-based company unveiled its gaming streaming service, Apple Arcade. The monthly subscription service is expected to launch this fall, and while pricing remains undisclosed, Apple has confirmed that a lot of developers–including Konami, Sega, Sumo Digital, and more–are working on bringing games to the platform. Some titles include Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm, Team Sonic Racing, The Artful Escape, Where Cards Fall, and more.

In other WWDC news, iOS 13 will introduce the highly-requested dark mode feature to the entire platform. The iPad is getting its own software titled iPadOS and will implement new features like a column view for better multitasking. A dedicated app store is heading to the Apple Watch which will make downloads much easier and more streamlined. Apple also brought back the Mac Pro with 28 cores, a six-channel memory system, eight PCI expansion slots, and more.

The Apple TV got a 4K overhaul in September 2017 and is currently available for $179. CNET called the device an answer for those who have a 4K HDR TV and lots of iTunes purchases.

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