Woman Reportedly Gets Arrested For Allegedly Threatening To Blow Up The Swedish Embassy Over A$AP Rocky’s Incarceration


Earlier this week, a woman found herself getting arrested after she made some threats while at the Swedish Embassy.

According to NBC 4 Washington, the woman, who was identified as Rebecca Kanter, showed up to the Embassy of Sweden complex in D.C. where she allegedly threatened to “blow this mother**ker up.”

According to the news station, she screamed profanity at the staff and kicked over furniture before being arrested by Secret Service.

However, that was not her first visit to the embassy this week. She allegedly caused a disturbance for a second time.

During her first visit, she allegedly threw liquid from a glass Coca Cola bottle and threatened to blow the building up. However, she was able to leave before authorities could intervene. They did, however, issue a “be on the lookout,” for her.

During her second visit, she returned where she allegedly cursed out the staff members, and she allegedly kicked over a teepee that was on display and kicked over a coffee table.

When asked to leave the premises, she allegedly said, “Call the police, I’m not leaving,” and called the police they did.

She was later released on bond and ordered to stay away from the embassy. She faced charges of

willfully injuring and damaging property of a foreign government and refusing to depart a foreign embassy. Her preliminary hearing is set for July 31st.

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Source: https://www.complex.com/music/2019/07/woman-arrested-for-vandalizing-swedish-embassy-apparent-asap-rocky-protest

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