What’s Great About Water? See Frequently asked questions


Do you have a hard time finding the energy to exercise? Do you eat a well-balanced diet of healthy food? If you count yourself among the health-conscious, you probably put in some exercise daily. Perhaps you also live on ‘health foods’, avoid smoking etc. Highest mark to you. But wait! Do you remember to drink enough water?

Everyone knows that, without water, we’d die of dehydration. But not many realize that water does much more than wet a dry mouth! That’s why we need around 2 to 3 liters (8-10 glasses) daily.

Here are some frequently asked questions and their answer.

Q #1: How much water does one need to drink daily?


Needs vary, depending on your size, diet, activity and the climate you live in. In the hot climate, much water is lost through perspiration. And even more is lost by a person who has a fever (due to faster breathing, sweating) and also by a person with vomiting and diarrhea. A 60-kg, moderately active man would need about 10 glasses of fluid a day, ideally much of it. Slightly more or less is okay. The color of urine is a good indicator – dark-colored urine suggests that you may need more of it. While this casual check is good enough for most, there are also categories of people for whom it is vital to consume plenty of it. This group includes those who have chronic chest congestion – smokers with emphysema, for instance, would benefit from keeping their system well-hydrated.

Q #2: Why must I drink plenty of water if I don’t feel thirsty?

Because it does more than quench your thirst. It works inside your body on a minute-to-minute basis. It has a role to play in every vital function of the body.

Many of the body’s waste products can be thrown out only if they are well-dissolved in water (as urine and sweat). If there is insufficient water to carry out this function, the body may retain toxins & end up being poisoned by its own waste products. And you may soon be suffering from constipation!

When the water leaves the body in place of sweat, is what keeps our body temperature constant even on the hottest summer day.

Q #3: What occurs if you don’t drink sufficient water?

If you drink sufficient water occasionally, your body adjusts: it secretes less urine & otherwise manages to function normally. But those who normally drink little sips may develop complications. Healthy kidneys keep the body’s water at a safe level, but operating with less puts them under a strain. When you drink less water, that fluid is used up for vital functions, leaving little for other processes. For example, hydration of the digestion or skin may be hampered, resulting in complications like constipation or dry-looking skin.

It gives rise to urinary tract infections, backache with symptoms of burning while urinating, & so on.

Insufficient water can also cause kidney stones. Habitually drinking sufficient water actually helps prevent kidney stones and infections.

Q #4: Can’t we depend on our body to demand sufficient water, according to its needs?

By and large, Yes. Thirst is the body’s signal that the system is “running dry”. But natural signals would be wholly dependable only if we led a wholly natural life! The farm laborer drinks water by the jugful because he works up a powerful thirst that is hard to ignore.

Then there are umpteen myths about the “ill-effects” of drinking water. Here are some that we’ve heard – do you believe in any of them? Frequent drinking of water causes a sore throat… Cold water makes people fat… It interferes with digestion… Drinking water aggravates a case of vomiting and diarrhea… People with coughs and colds should avoid drinking water… Drinking water before exercise gives you cramps in the stomach…

Q #5: We drink too many other juices… don’t they count?

Yes, they do. All the tea, coffee, soups, juices, milk, that we drink do contribute to our fluid intake. And that’s exactly how most of us get by without really drinking the large amounts of water we need. We derive some water even from solid foodstuff, particularly vegetables and fruits.

Important Facts:

The human body loses 10 glasses every day.

The kidneys use 5 glasses every day.


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