What Does The Night King Actually Want? – Game of Thrones Season 8 (Theories)


Welcome back for another Game of Thrones Season End Game Theories Video. Today I am talking about the various reasons why ‘The Others’ are heading south. They have been active for years, but why are they just now moving south? What is the Night King’s Plan? Does the Night King have a motive? Where are ‘The Others’ going next? These are some of the most important questions we need answered, but unfortunately we do not know enough about them. We found out the Children of the Forest created the Night King, but we still don’t know the Night King’s true identity. According to the creators of this show, there will be 3 big twists. I’m expecting the last one to involve the Night King, but how?.. Where do you think the Night King is going? Does he want a Night’s Queen, or Gilly’s son? Let me know what you think down below. Thanks for watching!

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