Vibrant Stabalized Sneaker Designs : Answer V


Reebok and Eric Emanual Create a Collaborative Answer V Shoe

Eric Emanual joins forces with sportswear label Reebok on the collaborative design of the signature Answer V sneaker model. The original design features work with athlete Allen Iverson and the classic design is retained with some additional hits of bright yellow hues through the uppers.

The majority of the silhouette is complete in the tonal ‘TrckGold’ with contrasting details of silver colors throughout the midsoles, wrapping around the front of the foot. The model originally launched in 2001, bringing forth the label’s DMX cushion technology and the additional Velcro heel strap to deliver some stability. The sneaker is rounded off with the ‘DMX’ logo in a navy blue hue and the ‘I3’ and ‘EE’ motif.

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