Vibrant Confectionery Wall Décor : by robynblair


Dormify & by robynblair Partnered to Launch Candy-Themed Prints

Dormify, the company renowned for delivering affordable and hip decor to young college-bound adults, recently partnered with ‘by robynblair’ to launch several vibrant, candy-themed prints. by robynblair is a candy obsessed designer who creates customizable vessels that display her sweet tooth.

The novelty posters all feature slogans atop a pile of candy. Some examples of the slogans include “Think Happy Thoughts,” “GRL PWR,” and “Be Your Own Sugar Daddy.” Each slogan coincides with the choice of candy, to create a distinct and motivating print. Dormify says, “Each piece of art is a cheeky nod to self-control, how and when we indulge, and the idea that life should be filled with sweet things.”

The bright colors and nostalgic candy choices are curated for Millenial and Gen Z women looking for empowering and relatable accent pieces for their dorms.

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