Upcycled Cup Coffee Vessels : reusable mug


rCup is a Reusable Mug That’s Actually Made from Coffee Cups

The fight against plastic waste is seeing consumers making the switch to metal straws, eco-friendly water bottles and reusable mugs for enjoying their morning cup of coffee. rCup sets itself apart as an option that helps people make a high amount of impact, as the product sets itself apart as the first cup made from used cups.

Takeaway coffee cups are notoriously difficult to recycle and require specialized equipment to separate the many different components from one another. rCup makes the most of cups in their entirety by first cleaning them, then shredding and blending them with polypropylene to make a resin. A single, standard-sized mug is made with six recycled coffee cups.

The cups, which are ideal for both hot and cold liquids, are paired with an innovative one-touch lid that only requires a single hand to open and close.

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