This Week’s New Home Releases: Us, A Star Is Born Extended Cut, One Piece, And More


Every Tuesday, online and physical retailers release a slew of new movies onto the world. Most of these movies won’t hit streaming services like Netflix or Hulu for months–and some not at all–so if you want to check them out, you’ll have to pony up some cash. This week’s release list is light, but one is a must have for horror fans.

There are a few movies that are being released digitally and physically simultaneously. Hotel Mumbai–which is also available to rent digitally–arrives this week, and you can pick it up in stores in addition to places like iTunes or Google Play. The movie follows the real life story of the 2008 terrorist siege of the Taj Hotel. Additionally, an extended cut of A Star Is Born came out, as well as the movie Beach Bum, a Matthew McConaughey film about a beach bum named Moondog. That brief description is reminiscent of the actor’s movie Surfer, Dude, which is unintentionally hilarious. For anime fans, there is a two-part One Piece story called Adventure of Nebulandia coming to Blu-ray as well.

However, the pick of the week is none other than the 4K and Blu-ray release of Jordan Peele’s horror film Us. And while the digital version came out a few weeks ago, the special features for that release were just ok. However, the physical release’s extra features are fantastic. At first glance, it contains the traditional featurette faire; however, what makes this such a fantastic release is Peele’s willingness to go in-depth in the meanings behind the film, like explaining what the movie is truly about, or the actors discussing how they shot the movie–when they’re playing two different parts. Additionally, there are deleted scenes, and while no audio commentary is a bit of a bummer, Peele discusses the movie so in-depth during the featurettes, that you don’t really need commentary for the movie.

Below, you’ll find the highlighted releases for this week.

Digital Releases

Physical Releases

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