This Is How Iran Would Battle The U.S. In A War



Ted Galen Carpenter, National Interest: How Iran Would Battle the U.S. In a War (It Would Be Bloody)

This is not something Washington should rush into.

Kenneth Adelman, a former assistant to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and a prominent figure in the U.S. foreign policy community, famously predicted in 2002 that a war to oust Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein would be a “cakewalk.” President Donald Trump apparently learned nothing from Adelman’s hubris and rosy optimism. Although he aborted a planned airstrike on Iran at the last minute, Trump later warned Iranian leaders that the military option was still very much on the table. He added that if the United States used force against Iran, Washington would not put boots on the ground but would wage the conflict entirely with America’s vast air and naval power. There was no doubt in his mind about the outcome. He asserted that such a war “wouldn’t last very long,” and that it would mean the “obliteration” of Iran.


WNU Editor: All wars never end up as expected, especially in the Middle East. Does President Trump understand this …. I would like to think the answer is yes. Does Iran understand this …. I have doubts, and with sanctions now making an Iranian economy even worse than what it is, I have concerns on what they may do next.

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