The Story About The Night King Was A Lie? – Game of Thrones Season 8 (End Game Theories)


Welcome back for another Game of Thrones Season 8 End Game Theories video. This is a Q&A video, but my main focus is on a question about the Night King. With the recent developments about HBO producing a Prequel show to Game of Thrones, some people are concerned we may not get all the answers at the end of the final season. We have all been wanting to know more about the Night King, but there is a possibility what we’ve been told thus far is not 100% accurate. The description about the new show says, we will find out more about the Starks of legend, along with the true origin of the White Walkers. This concerns me, because it seemed like we were already given this information in the sixth season. Leaf told us why she created the Night King, and we were even shown this in one of Bran Stark’s visions, but was it the truth? What else do we need to know about the White Walkers origin, and does it have anything to do with the Starks of legend? I think it might… Did Bloodraven and the Children of the Forest lie to Bran? What are their true intentions? Are the Children of the Forest and Bloodraven still working with the Night King and the White Walkers? The Starks have always had this strange connection with the Others, dating all the way back to the Long Night. Everything from the name of their castle, Winterfell, to their house words, Winter is Coming, and most importantly, if Old Nan’s story is correct, then that means the original Night’s King was a Stark of Winterfell, but how will this tie into the ending of Game of Thrones? What does this mean for Bran Stark and Jon Snow? Let me know what you think about all of this. I know it sounds crazy, but I think it’s worth taking into consideration. Anyways, thank you all very much for watching the video! The link to enter the new giveaway is down below.

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