The Kremlin Wants Foreign Investment


Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in 2018.

RFE: As Russia’s Premier Investment Forum Opens, The Kremlin Faces A Tougher Sell

It’s Russia’s biggest, oldest, and arguably best-known gathering for global investors, a conference in Vladimir Putin’s hometown aimed at selling the world on investing in the world’s largest country.

It’s not an easy sell these days.

The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum opens in Russia’s so-called northern capital on June 6, against the backdrop of continuing Western sanctions, Kremlin efforts to woo China, and concerns about Russia’s willingness to protect foreign investors.

U.S. officials and top business leaders are staying away from the event. Chinese officials, however, are not.


WNU Editor: What are the pluses to invest in Russia. Many opportunities. Educated workforce. Low taxes. Access to a lot of capital if you have a good track record. And a great place to live (part time or full time) if you have money. On the downside …. lousy contract law (my pet peeve). Sometimes a lot of red tape (mind you, my brother tells me the red tape to renovate his home in the Bay Area of San Francisco is worse than Moscow). And an unpredictable Kremlin coupled with sanctions and the penalties associated with it.

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