Portable Privacy-Focused Devices : Winston Online Privacy Device


The Winston Online Privacy Device Keeps Your Information Secure

With our digitized world, online privacy is becoming a growing concern, hence the development of the Winston Online Privacy Device. The device functions through its own Distributed Private Network that scrambles, encrypts, and anonymizes your Internet activity.

The gadget keeps your entire digital profile secure, including your address, movements, purchases and medical history. Winston Online Privacy Device reduces data usage by 45%, has over 90,000+ malware sites blocked and scrambles internet activity. Moreover, this impressive device also speeds up the Internet in addition to blocking ads and pop-ups. The company provides all of this through a lifetime subscription model that includes the hardware box, two Gigabit Ethernet cables, a power adapter, and a one-year warranty.

The Winston Online Privacy Device has surpassed its funding goal and will be available for sale online within the year.

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