Miley Cyrus Came, Saw, & Conquered With Her New ‘She Is Coming’ EP! Listen To All The Songs HERE!!


Miley Cyrus came, HARD!

On Friday, the Wrecking Ball singer dropped her highly-anticipated EP, She Is Coming!

The six-track album features production from Andrew Wyatt, Mark Ronson, and Mike Will Made-It.

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LISTEN in full (below)!

We love a queen who drops all the tracks on YouTube at once!!

And if you loved this — we have good news!

Miley shared there’s more music on the way. On Instagram, she revealed:

“This is the 1st of 3 drops! 6 songs , 3 EP’s ! SHE IS COMING / HERE / EVERYTHING all to make up 1 album #SHEISMILEYCYRUS next 2 drops to be announced!”


As we reported last weekend, Liam Hemsworth‘s wife debuted three of the songs on SICMother’s Daughter, Cattitude, and D.R.E.A.M. — at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend in the U.K.

On Monday, Cyrus uploaded She Is Coming‘s cover artwork, where she stands over the camera dressed in a crop top that reads “never mind the bullocks,” a reference to the 1977 album by the Sex Pistols.

Music aside, in the fifth season of Netflix‘s Black Mirror, Miley plays a pop star who a lonely teenager (played by Angourie Rice) longs to connect with.

The Party in the U.S.A. songstress spilled some details about the “dark and funny” episode in an interview with Vanity Fair earlier this year, where she spoke about filming a scene where her character has a “panic attack” in her Malibu home.

Filming this scene was particularly traumatic for Miley, as she lost her real Malibu home in the Woolsey Fires. She explained to the magazine:

“I was working on Black Mirror in South Africa. The day I heard we lost our home, my scene was set at my house in Malibu. My character was having a panic attack, so needless to say the inspiration was there. Anne Sewitzky, the director, and I became very close, since going through all of this so far from home, she was really the only mother figure I had. Experiencing that together and in the realness of it all, we created something I think is magical. It’s hard for me to be proud of my work, I rarely walk away satisfied but I’m very proud of what we made. It really tells my story in some dark and funny way, as that show does, and as life is.”

Additionally, after performing at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend, the 26-year-old gave more details about her appearance. She said off-stage:

“This is the story of females in the music industry. I understand everyone’s gone through this but I do think for females in the industry… it’s hard to be taken seriously. People assume that if you’re not wearing a body suit and singing pop music, why would anyone want to see you.”

The new season drops June 5.

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