Man Raised His Own ‘Attack Squirrel’ – Police Say He Was Feeding It Meth!


Cops in Limestone County, Alabama are currently searching for a man who allegedly kept an “attack squirrel” inside his apartment.

Mickey Paulk, 35, is being accused of feeding meth to the caged animal, so as to maintain aggressive behavior, according to police reports.

Police in the city of Athens, Alabama raided Paulk’s apartment on Monday morning and found a caged squirrel there, but the pet owner — if you could call him that — was nowhere to be found.

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Athens cops first responded on Monday morning to a report that Paulk was keeping the “attack squirrel” in his apartment — feeding it meth to keep it aggressive.

Animal control and narcotics officers obtained a warrant and searched the apartment, seizing a number of illegal items like drugs and drug paraphernalia, ammunition, and body armor.

After consulting further with the Alabama Game and Fish Division of the Department of Conservation, authorities decided to seize the squirrel (pictured, above — yes, that’s the actual squirrel, looking pretty chill all things considered).

Authorities decided to release the animal back in the wild outside Paulk’s home.

Paulk himself wasn’t in the apartment at the time of the search — though his friend Ronnie Reynolds was — and police charged the latter with several drug-related offenses as part of their sting.

But Paulk is the one they want, largely so they can ask about the squirrel report. Furhermore, Paulk is still on the run and facing charges of possession of a controlled substance, certain persons forbidden to possess a firearm and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The Suspect Surfaces…

If the idea of a meth-addicted pet squirrel isn’t good enough on its own, then, how about this: Mickey Paulk is now taunting authorities about his squirrel — and his criminal history — from some undisclosed location!

The 35-year-old man took to his Facebeook page on Tuesday night to clarify some things about his alleged behavior — and his squirrel buddy!

Speaking directly to the camera, Paulk said (below):

“You can’t give squirrels meth; it would kill ’em. I’m pretty sure, I’ve never tried it. The public isn’t in danger in any kind of way from the methed-out squirrel in the neighborhood.”


The Alabama native went on to recount how he met the squirrel, noting (below):

“I just pulled up and whistled.”

Nice and sweet and simple, right?!

Limestone County Sheriff’s Deputies have since determined it is really Paulk making those videos; there are some things you just can’t parody.

The problem is they just can’t find him!

So now there’s a fugitive from justice out there running around free, and a formerly trapped, possibly meth-addicted squirrel also running free… do you think they’ll reunite???

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[Image via Limestone County Sheriff]

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