How to Be a Good Entertainer | Five Simple Steps


Entertainers have one of the best and toughest jobs in the world. Day after day, they set on the line in the hopes of connecting with the viewers and evoking a good passionate response.

Acting on the platform is one of the most satisfying pursuits one can ever indulge in. The excitement that one feels before a presentation, the thrill of performing in front of an audience is amazing.

Some people are born with wonderful stage presence, however, if you weren’t, that’s okay. Stage presence is absolutely something that can be learned and upgraded. So get ready to know how to become a good entertainer!

Here are five simple steps on how to be a good entertainer:

  1. Begin with a bang.

Audiences tend to be both impatient and judgmental, so you want to capture their attention as soon as possible and hold it for as long as you can. Break the ice and engage the crowd.

If possible and you feel suitable then take a start with a joke about your appearance, arrival or something else your audience might notice when they first look at you.

  • If you’re a music artist or singer, lead off with a great energy number, as opposed to a ballad.
  • Start off confident, but make sure to save your greatest trick for the end of the concert.
  1. Have fun onstage:

The reasons public go to see artists or entertainers is to be entertained. Audiences love to see performers living out their dreams and thoughts and leaving it all on the platform.

  • The more comfortable and calm you get with your performance, the easier it will be for you to have cool.
  • Create something new every time you perform. It will save your performance from feeling fusty and flat.
  • Smile gently! Don’t bottle your enjoyment up inside – let it out and put it with your audience.
  • A good entertainer always has fun on stage.

 3. Engage your audience in your performance.


Catch your audience engage in your performance. Get them in on the act by including them in your jokes, tricks, actions or asking questions.

  • If you’re a singer, sing a famous song and let the audience sing along for a verse.
  • If you’re a magician, make at least one trick that needs an audience volunteer. Make sure to select a volunteer that really wants to contribute.
  • If you’re a dancer, don’t forget to make eye contact and look out with your viewers as you perform.
  1. Don’t call attention to your faults.

Mistakes occur in life and art both. How entertainers treat their mistakes is more important. If you mess up, don’t worry about it and don’t announce your fault to the audience.

  • If you make a mistake, move on. The audience won’t even notice if you don’t appeal it out.
  1. Finish your show in an unforgettable way.

The closing of your performance is the last important thing your audience will think of, so a good entertainer always finishes his performance with a big bang.

  • Leave your audience wanting further. Know when it’s time to wrap up. Sometimes it’s good to end the show early than to elongate something that people evidently aren’t enjoying.
  • If your spot has a curfew, be respectful and dutiful of that. Be aware of time.

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