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GM Is Improving Upon Its Hands-Free Driving System

The number of highways that GM’s hands-free driving system will work on will be rapidly expanded. The system is called Super Cruise and was originally launched in 2017. The company announced its system will be expanded by 70,000 miles of highways within the US and Canada. Currently, the super Cruise system works on 130, 000 miles of highway. The expansion will come to all new Cadillac editions starting the following year, and then to other models after.

The Super Cruise system works by using information from cameras and radar sensors, as well as GPS and 3D mapping. The system uses all of those data points and then provides hands-free driving, but also implements an infrared camera in order to make sure the driver is paying attention. The hands-free driving system can also alert the driver to take over the system if it is ever incapable of processing the present information

Image Credit: Cadillac

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