Pakistan is a land of natural serene beauty, a state with diverse wildlife, freshwater lakes, and 1046 km coastlines. So many unique species of birds are found in Northern Pakistan with amazing natural wonders like Haleji Lake, Lake Saiful Maluk, Lake Shandur, Kutwal Lake and much more.

But especially Haleji Lake has its own importance as it is Asia’s biggest bird sanctuary.

Currently, 223 bird species have been recorded in the environs of Haleji Lake.

Haleji Lake is one more asset, where time stops and fairies tread.

The lake has for long been recognized as birds and fishes paradise by international scientists to be of great scientific importance for waterfowl and hydrobiology.

Fishing Region: Asia Pacific

Longitude: 67.7667

Latitude: 24.7833

Haleji became one of the major sources of water supply to the increasing population of Karachi as well as an exquisite refuge for waterfowl.

While there are too many who are more than willing to give up on Pakistan, for those who hope to salvage and protect it, there are plenty of factors in this state to keep them attracted to their cause.