‘Gunpowder’ Beats ‘GOT’ In Gore Quotient! | Tv series | Viral Mojo


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After the popular TV show ‘Game Of Thrones’ (GOT) comes yet another gory drama, ‘Gunpowder’

Telly fans were left shocked and ‘throwing up’ after the BBC drama was aired on October 21

The series has popular GOT actor Kit Harington playing Robert, mastermind of the plot who blows up the House Of Lords in 1605

It has scenes including a priest being hung, quartered alive before his hands and feet getting chopped off

Another revolting scene featured a naked woman getting crushed to death by a stone slab

Viewers witnessed brutal hangings and beheading

Many were left feeling sick – with some changing channels

The shocked viewers took to Twitter to express their sheer shock at the graphic scenes of torture

While some believed such scenes were not required, others disagreed, saying that it was necessary for historical accuracy

GOT seems to be a kids’ show when compared to ‘Gunpowder’