French Toast Sandwich Buns : French Toast Sandwiches


Burger King’s New French Toast Sandwiches are an All-in-One Breakfast

With the debut of Burger King’s new limited-time French Toast Sandwiches, you never have to choose between a sweet or savory breakfast again.

Just as the name implies, Burger King’s new French Toast Sandwiches take two hot slices of French toast and uses them in place of sandwich buns. There are three different versions of the sandwich available, the first of which is the Sausage, Egg & Cheese French Toast Sandwich made with seasoned sausage, a fluffy egg patty, and a slice of American cheese. The Bacon, Egg & Cheese French Toast Sandwich features the same toppings, but swaps sausage for some thick-cut, naturally smoked bacon. Finally, the Ham, Egg & Cheese French Toast Sandwich combines thinly slices black forest ham with the same fluffy egg patty and American cheese combo.

Image Credits: Burger King.

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