Weather News with J7409 Friday 10/12/18


    Weather News with J7409 Friday October 12,2018.
    Trees down, flooding and 604,831 are without power as of now in N.C. Over a million people are with out power from FL. Thru the states Hurricane / Tropical Storm went thru. Severe Flooding in western NC and VA Much clean up ahead for millions of people , from hurricane/ tropical storm Michael.
    Tropical Storm Michael will move off the Mid-Atlantic Coast and transition
    to Post-Tropical as the storm races northward off the Northeast coastline
    on Friday. Heavy rain associated with Michael will clip parts of Southern
    New England through Friday afternoon. Tropical Storm Sergio will make
    landfall by Friday along the Baja California Coast, weakening while moving
    northeastward to northeastern Texas by Saturday evening. Moisture
    associated with Sergio and moisture flowing northward out of the Western
    Gulf of Mexico will aid in producing rain over parts of Southern New
    Mexico/Western Texas overnight Friday. On Saturday morning showers and
    thunderstorms will move into Texas continuing to move northeastward into
    parts of the Lower Mississippi Valley overnight Saturday. Please refer to
    the NHC for the latest information on both Michael and Sergio.

    Meanwhile, upper-level energy over parts of the Northern/Central Plains
    will move eastward off the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Coast by Saturday
    evening. The energy will aid in developing showers and thunderstorms over
    the Southern Plains that will end overnight Friday. Rain will also
    develop over parts of the Northern/Central Plains that will move
    northeastward to the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic by Saturday morning moving,
    off the coast by Saturday evening. In addition, a front moving
    southeastward out of Western Canada will move to Upper Great Lakes/Upper
    Mississippi Valley into the Middle Mississippi Valley/Central Plains
    westward to the Great Basin by Saturday evening. The system will aid in
    producing snow and rain over parts of the Northern High Plains/Northern
    Plains overnight Saturday. The rain/snow will move eastward into the
    Upper Great Lakes/Upper Mississippi Valley by Saturday evening. Snow will
    develop over parts of the Northern Rockies by Saturday afternoon and into
    the Central Rockies/Central High Plains by Saturday evening. Elsewhere,
    snow and rain will develop over parts of the Upper Great Lakes through
    early Saturday morning.

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