Edhi foundation is the World’s largest nonprofit social welfare program.

Great Abdul Sattar Said:

People have become educated, but have yet to become human”

Abdul Sattar established the world’s largest ambulance network in Pakistan, the “Edhi Foundation”.

Great Abdul Sattar devoted him all life to the poor from the age of twenty, when he himself was poor in Karachi.

Edhi Ambulance is the largest ambulance network.

The influence of Edhi’s foundation grew worldwide, and in 2005 the Edhi Foundation raised $100,000 in aid relief for the sufferers of Hurricane Katrina.

Great Abdul Sattar was born on February 28, 1928, before partition in India

And he passes away on 8 July 2016 in Karachi by renal failure.

Its slogan is: “Live and help live”.

‘No religion higher than humanity’

More than eighteen hundred volunteer ambulances positioned across Pakistan, the Edhii Foundation is Pakistan’s biggest social welfare organization. In 1997, the organization entered the Guinness World Record by means of the “largest volunteer ambulance organization”.

If you request 115 in the South Asian state, the Edhii Foundation will definitely answer.

Great Abdul Sattar Edhi (1928- 2016) | founder of Edhi Trust