Could The U.S. Navy’s World War II Plans Used To Defeat Japan Be Used On China?


James Holmes, National Interest: Could The Navy Dust Off Its World War II Plan to Beat Japan and Use it On China?

Would it work?

Suppose Beijing opted to risk a cross-strait invasion of Taiwan. Take it from an old naval artilleryman: amphibious operations are no simple matter even when the auguries are good. And an attack on Taiwan would be far from auspicious for PLA forces. If you transpose a map of probable landing beaches on Taiwan onto the map of the actual Allied landings in Normandy in 1944, the imagery is striking. The two amphibious zones are comparable in size, while Taiwan’s coastal terrain rivals Normandy’s as an obstacle to troops storming ashore. PLA soldiers and marines will have their work cut out for them should the Chinese Communist leadership ordain that the island be taken by force.


WNU: Let’s hope that we will never test the hypothesis.

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