Apple Watch Getting Female Period Tracking App


Apple is enhancing the health and fitness features of its smartwatch, including adding a new app for tracking menstrual cycles.

The new app will give users “a simple, discrete way to visualize your cycle right on your wrist,” Dr. Sumbul Desai, Apple’s vice president of health, said during the keynote address on Monday at the company’s annual World Wide Developers Conference, known as WWDC. The app is similar to third-party menstrual tracking apps, but Apple’s will be pre-installed on all watches and will also be available as part of the Health app on iPhones.

The sixth version of the software running on the Apple Watch, which will arrive for consumers in the fall, will also include a decibel meter to measure loud sounds and warn users about potential hearing damage.

“Protecting your hearing is critical to living your everyday life and maintaining your independence as you age,” Desai said. In a nod to a recent controversy over Amazon saving some customer audio recordings via its Alexa devices, Desai said Apple “does not record or save any audio.”

Apple has taken a commanding lead in the market for smart, wearable devices thanks in part to its focus on health and fitness features, one of the most popular feature areas for consumers. Apple (aapl) can’t stand still, however, as rivals like Garmin (grmn) and Fitbit (fit) are also adding more features.

In a nod to some of the more analytical features of its rivals, Apple said it was improving the trend reporting section of the watch software. The watch will now track trends in a user’s fitness and exercise over the prior 90 days and one year. The device will then prompt users to exercise more if their trends turn down.

The Apple Watch is also getting some other new features, like an app store of its own. Watch users will be able to search for new apps and install them just on the wrist–no iPhone required.

Apple also showed off several new watch faces, including one that will track the path of the sun and one with a large, digital numerical display.

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