Anti-Terror Bench Designs : New York Bench


These New York Benches are Design-Friendly and Serve a Higher Purpose

Local designer Joe Doucet’s New York benches are quite interesting to look at. The silhouette is composed out of concrete and it is 3D-printed. To amplify the public seating’s curious aesthetic, the benches are linked to one another through steel rods and the piece weighs over a ton.

The New York benches are a design attempt to stop acts of terror, as well as normal accidents. Placed in Times Square for the NYCxDesign festival, the seating subtly brings to light certain tensions that have been of interest in the last couple of years.

Joe Doucet’s design is unique because it seamlessly integrates itself into the visual character of the city. While people are welcomed to utilize the anti-terror seating, the New York benches have also the capacity to shield pedestrians from vehicle collisions and the like.

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