Amnesty International Report Says Myanmar Military Is Committing War Crimes Again


Photo: Satellite images show buildings and historical sites have been damaged in Rakhine State. (Supplied: Amnesty International)

BBC: Myanmar military accused of fresh war crimes in Rakhine

Myanmar’s army is committing fresh war crimes against ethnic groups in Rakhine state, according to human rights group Amnesty International.

In a new report, Amnesty accuses the army of carrying out extrajudicial killings, torture and arbitrary arrests amid an operation against an ethnic Buddhist guerrilla force.

The army has denied the allegations.

Soldiers were previously accused of mass human rights violations against Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine in 2017.

More than 70,000 people fled the country as a result of the crackdown on the ethnic minority group.


WNU Editor: The amnesty International report is here …. Myanmar: Military commits war crimes in latest operation in Rakhine State (Amnesty International).

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