All-in-One Meal Preparation Stations : Split Induction Cooking Top


The Conceptual ‘Split Induction Cooking Top’ is Efficient

The conceptual ‘Split Induction Cooking Top’ is a multifunctional solution for the modern kitchen that aims to position everything required for meal preparation into a singular spot to make the most of small spaces.

Designed by Julius Pang, the system consists of a preparation area for ingredients and three conduction cooktops that can be oriented into different directions. This will allow anywhere from one person to three to prepare meals without having to feel cramped or confined as they create a meal.

The conceptual ‘Split Induction Cooking Top’ addresses the need for efficiency-focused kitchen equipment as the amount of available space in urban homes continues to shrink. The unit is capable of being completely taken apart for easy cleaning and storage to ensure it meets the needs of urban consumers and students alike.

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