Aggressive Sports Car SUVs : Jeep Ayastigi Trackhawk Coupe


The Jeep Ayastigi Trackhawk Coupe Concept Has Powerful Styling

The Jeep Ayastigi Trackhawk Coupe concept has been designed as an SUV coupe by Dejan Hristov that aims enhance the look and feel of the off-road-ready vehicle.

The dual-color design of the vehicles draw inspiration from Cherokee warrior armor, while the name of the conceptual vehicle actually translates to soldier from Cherokee. The vehicle has been designed to be outfitted with both hybrid and electric powertrain options to suit the needs of modern drivers seeking a more efficient transportation option.

The conceptual Jeep Ayastigi Trackhawk Coupe also boasts a futuristic design that is free of rear-view mirrors in favor of connected cameras. The front bumper on the vehicle is also capable of opening and closing to provide better aerodynamics when driving on roads or off-road conditions, respectively.

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