Pakistan is a place which contains a large portion of talent and art. Our youth has proved to the world that Pakistan refuses to be overlooked in any aspect, be it education, IT, acting, sports or even video games! They made us proud and proved that Pakistani’s are so brilliant.

So here are 8 young Pakistanis who swam beside the streams and came out champions.

1- Arfa Karim

World’s Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional

One such great sample of talent was Arfa Abdul Karim Randhawa. One of the youngest Microsoft Certified professionals in the Biosphere.

Arfa Karim was a Pakistani student and computer genius who, in 2004 just at the stage of nine, became the youngest Microsoft Certified, Professional.

She kept the label up until 2008. But Alas! She died on 14 January 2012 on accounts of cardiac arrest.

2- Saad Ali

Pakistani Formula 1 Racer

At the age of eighteen, Saad is the only Pakistani Formula 1 racer. Saad knew from an initial time that he needed to be a Formula 1 racer.

Through unbreakable and incontrovertible work and perseverance, he turns into unique.

3- Sumail Hassan Syed

DOTA 2 Asia Championship

Winner of DOTA 2 Championship, Sumail, at the age of fifteen sold his bike so he could go in a gaming contest where his team made the second place for them and finally made his mark in 2015.

He was also the youngest member of his team and won $1.2 Million! Sumail Hassan is a professional player and currently playing for Team Evil Geniuses.

4- Haroon Tariq

Got 87 A’s In IGCSE O and A Level

Remarkable for creating seven world records by receiving a total of 87 A’s in his IGCSE O and A levels.

5- Aaima Asad

Got First Position In LLB (HON)

Aaima recorded the uppermost position in her LLB examinations.

Every time an outstanding schoolgirl, she fortified the first rank and was confirmed the highest scorer in the University of London External LLB assessments and made us proud.

6- Imaan Qureshi

Female Tennis Player

Imaan is the youngest Pakistani female tennis competitor to be graded 3rd in Asia in the under 14 tournament.

At the age of eleven, she got the 1st award at the National Women’s Cup.

She plans to participate in an Indian match in 2015.

7- Babar Iqbal

Youngest Pakistani Certified Computer Record Holder

Babar is known as the genius cyber kid and he had set up three world records. Babar Iqbal is the youngest professional computer record holder.

He is currently working for Microsoft in Dubai.

8- Haris Khan

Youngest Mobile App Developer

When Haris Khan become the youngest smartphone application, developer.

Haris Khan is one of the youngest mobile app developers in the sphere.

He established his first application ‘Super Soccer Kick’ 3D. This young boy made us proud.

These 8 young Pakistani’s showed to the world that we are brilliant and made us Proud.

We would like to encourage such brilliant children in future too, in every single field offered to them. Our youth is our pride in actual. The Telenor Youth Forum is also one such forum that inspires contributors to cultivate their inborn talents.

Don’t let something in life frighten you or discourage you from performing what you really consider as your calling and Don’t give away your dreams and hopes. These guys fixed it. So can you.