17 Breakfast-Specific Vegan Foods


As plant-based diets become more mainstream due to animal cruelty and climate change concerns, numerous brands have launched breakfast-specific vegan food options to accommodate consumer demands. These vegan breakfast options are made from plant-based products that also contribute to an overall healthier lifestyle.

One notable example includes Quorn’s Meatless Sweet Apple Sausages that are non-GMO and soy-free. These sausages contain ingredients such as pea flour, potato starch, parsley, onion, and dried apples. For those looking for a savory bacon alternative, ‘This Isn’t Bacon Plant-Based Rashers’ are a great option and also give consumers protein, vitamin B12 and iron. For those seeking a “creamy” breakfast, Blue Diamond’s ‘Almond Breeze’ is an almond-based yogurt alternative that makes a perfect on-the-go breakfast treat.

As plant-based foods continue to rise in popularity, vegan consumers can still enjoy a hearty, delicious breakfast.

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