14-Year-Old Girl Rescued After Getting Stuck In Chimney!


A 14-year-old girl was rescued after she got stuck in a chimney!

According to ABC affiliate KABC earlier this week, a rescue crew was called to the 11000 block of South Crenshaw Boulevard in Los Angeles around 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday. Reportedly, around 10 firefighters climbed up to the two-story building’s roof to save the young lady in question.

After firefighters knocked bricks off the chimney, they dropped a rope down attached to a fire truck ladder, and were able to successfully pull the girl up.

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When she emerged, she was described as “sooty,” but appeared to be unharmed.

She was medically examined by firefighters, and was believed to have been transported to a local hospital.

According to a neighbor, the 14-year-old got locked out of her home, and decided to climb on the roof where she attempted to enter her house via the chimney.

Reportedly, witnesses heard her calls for help inside the chimney, and called 911.

That same day, the Los Angeles County Fire Department wrote on Twitter:

“**UPDATE**CONFINED SPACE RESCUE | FS170 | 11000 Block of S Crenshaw Blvd | Pt. was found to have no obvious injuries but was transported to the local area hospital for further evaluation. #CrenshawIC #LACoFD #Inglewood”

Sadly, this is not the first time in recent memory where an individual had to be freed from an enclosed space.

According to the New York Post in January, a woman found herself trapped in an elevator of a private home in the Upper East Side, and was rescued by emergency personnel TWO DAYS later.

Reportedly, the employee —identified as a 53-year-old woman — cleaned the townhouse of a Manhattan billionaire, and was stuck between the second and third floors of the building during the weekend.

That Monday, the New York Fire Department then received a call about the woman’s situation.

Because none of the residents were around that weekend, they were not aware that the employee was trapped until the weekday.

Per the FDNY in a statement to People, after the fire department arrived on the scene, they forced opened the doors of the elevator and transported the woman “by EMS to [a] local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.”

A witness told ABC 7:

“She was on the stretcher, she was unconscious I think… I don’t know her. I just found out that someone had been stuck in the elevator.”

Be safe, everyone!

[Image via ABC7.]

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