13 Hottest ‘Ships in TV History


Many watch shows for the clever plot twists and fine acting. 

Others, however, watch these same shows because there's a couple that they're so invested in that they can't imagine watching without them. 

However, some couples are just better than others, it really is that simple… and we've rounded them up below. 

Did your favorite TV couple make the cut?  You'll need to scroll down to find out. 

1. Jon and Daenerys – Game of Thrones

Jon and daenerys game of thrones
While it seemed like fire and ice was making something nice, it later became apparent that fire and fire were coming together to make something deadly. The early days of this ‘Ship were smoldering hot. It’s a shame how things turned out later.

2. Josie and Penelope – Legacies

Josie and penelope legacies
Alaric and Caroline’s daughters were all grown up on this The Vampire Diaries spinoff, and Josie was getting hot and heavy with a fellow student. They were both opposites, and they do say those attract.

3. Nicholas and Sabrina – Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Nicholas and sabrina chilling adventures of sabrina
Harvey who? Sabrina continued to get closer to Nicholas during the second season of the show, and he was much more appealing as a partner for our favorite teenage witch. Just look above!

4. Archie and Josie – Riverdale

Archie and josie riverdale
The pairing of Archie and Josie came out of nowhere, and they were hot AF together. In those few episodes they were together, they were leaps and bounds better than Archie and Veronica. Shot. Fired.

5. Joe and Beck – You

Joe and beck you
Yes, we know Joe turned all Norman Bates in the end, but you can’t deny that these two were not attracted to each other.

6. FP and Alice – Riverdale

Fp and alice riverdale
Is it possible for a supporting ‘Ship to become the best one on the show? That’s sort of what FP and Alice did. From the beginning, it was clear there was an attraction between them. They can’t seem to keep their hands to themselves when they’re sharing the screen.

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