❤️Aquarius April 2019 "DAMN! YOU GOT THEM GOING CRAZY"🤪😈


CUE Trey Songz! “Look what this girl done did to meeeeee. She done cut me off from her good, goood loveeeeee. She told me that, those days were GONE. Look, Aquarius, you got a LOT of people wanting and needing your attention, Mr. or Mrs. Popular this month for real. Its a shame and a scandal if you don’t tend to your loving public. What the hell boo’s?! Love and Friendship cologne strong, if you give one person more attention than the other, it could start a fyre *sweet brown voice** Anyway! its a month full of love offers, friendship, invites and status climbs for you. A very creative month to after a time of grief of how to maintain your image. Well…looks like you hit the jackpot that will get you laughing all the way to the bank or the hall of fame. Enjoy, April my loves…

*EXTENDED Vimeo Reading Aquarius April 2019 Lovescope~”GOT THEM GOIN CRAZY”

*This reading applies to Aquarius, sun-moon-rising-venus-mars and any Aquarius natal placement.

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